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LBSH Maji Vidyarthi Manch

LBSH-Maji Vidyarthi Manch is a non-profit organisation registered under Maharashtra
Registration act, 1860 (Reg.Noमहाराष्ट्र / 5718 / रत्नागिरी). It came into inception on1st November, 2015
in Mumbai under the honourable presence of Shri T. V. Abhang Sir, respected and beloved Ex-Head
Master of Lal Bahadur Shastri High School, Dahagaon, Mandangad, Ratnagiri.

The idea behind starting this noble initiative emerged from the gratitude of few ex-students towards this school and their teachers. It is because of the excellent education and values imparted by this school; they are all now flourished in their respective careers and life with much dignity and pride.Some of them are now settled abroad while some are with large corporate conglomerates in higher management roles.

Each of them profoundly believes that without this school, their lives would have not been complete and it is their responsibility to contribute to their school and the neighbouring community in any possible way.This initiative is also a great opportunity to reconnect with their school and cherish the good old school day memories.

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"__ गौरव संध्या 2018 __" [12th May 2018 ]

Our Causes

SSC Career Guidance 2016

Many times students of Xth standard are good in their academics. However as most of them are not well versed with paper writing skills...

Uniform Distribution

It is with the motive to extend helping hand to needy students who are economically weak. In fact we wish to bring down

Medical Camp

It is fact that our village people still lack good health facilities in our vicinity. Many have to succumb their lives easily as no proper diagnosis

Runanubandh Magazine

A print media attempt to give an opportunity to all ex-students to showcase their writing skills and express all round views .

Every school can change the future of this nation.

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Yes, I wish to be a part of this mission as I am Ex-student of LBSH, Dahagaon.

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