Our Activities

School material distribution: 9th July 2022


We gave Dainandini notebooks to all present school students on 9th July 2022, and we gave school bags to a few students who needed them. Additionally, moment and cash prizes were given to SSC toppers in order to encourage others to follow their example.

Corona Kit Distribution [ 4-5-2020]


Currently Covid- 19 pandemic has brought entire world to standstill with creating unprecedented havoc for human beings. Though it has entered in our country recently, we have to be cautious about its spread in the urban and rural areas. The health infrastructure in rural area are not equipped to take care of such kind of severe epidemics. In view of the above, we coined an idea to raise a special fund to aid nearby primary health centers in villages. Medical kits of PPE comprising of Sanitizers, hand gloves and N19 masks handed over to these health centers from this fund.

Career Guidance for SSC Students[ 16-2-2022]


The LBSH Manch has been striving to make all present students aware of the different career opportunities available after passing the SSC exam. It was decided to invite experts from academic and technical fields to give a briefing on such opportunities in school.

Corona Kit Distribution [ 7-6-2021]

COVID-19 pandemic had brought entire world to standstill for almost 1 year. We were not prepared to combat as we don’t have sufficient health infrastructure in our system then. Central and state department tried their best to people keep away from infection of this deadly virus. However rural areas were facing short of such facilities. Hence, we provided local PHCs Sanitizers, N-95 Masks etc so that they will distribute to rural people.


School Material Distribution [ 7-7-2018]


This year, as part of our annual school material distribution program, we distributed umbrellas and long books to all students. Additionally, a water purifier and filtration system were given to the school so that all students could drink hygienic water.

Career Guidance for 9th std & SSC Students[ 23-1-2018]


To prepare our SSC students for SSC exams, LBSH Manch has invited academic experts from outside to provide guidance. We have experienced that such short scale guidance programs too helping SSC students to achieve better results in the exam.

A Helping Hand To Needy Students [ 24-6-2017]


Needy and economically weak students are the key focus areas of our work system. This time we offered school bags with Manch logo and few note books and compass boxes to each such student. This is with the purpose to promote our organization among current students and help them to align with Manch platform.

Medical Camp [ 8-4-2017 ]


It is a fact that our village people still lack good health facilities in our vicinity. Many have succumbedto death due to lack of proper diagnosis at an early stage. Keeping this harsh reality in mind, this program was initiated to showcase Manch's social responsibility towards the neighbouring society.

Memory card distribution (20-5-2021)



After the Corona pandemic, all schools were closed and normal schooling was replaced with online learning. However, poor internet connectivity in rural areas limited the success of this system. We distributed memory cards containing school syllabus to 3 schools in Mandangad Taluka to overcome this problem.

Mask/Sanitizer Material Distribution (28-6-2020)


In the wake of Covid 19, N-19 masks and sanitizer were handed over to the school, since we are unable to organize a normal program due to government restrictions.

SSC Exam Guidance [ 5-2-2020 ]


Many times students of 10th standard are good in their academics. However as most of them are not well versed with paper writing skills, they score lower marks in their final and decisive exams. This kind of initiatives will uplift student’s confidence to achieve desired success.

School Material Distribution (13-7-2019)

.With a commitment to upgrade the Educational infrastructure of schools, LBSH Maji Vidyarthi Manch has been constantly conducting activities like donation of books and other study material to the students who find it difficult to fund their education. In the latest development, the Trust has donated 5 Smart TV’s with a vision to digitize the school. As the education system in other parts of India is moving towards digital learning, it is essential that underserved students get the benefit and support to keep up with the fast-changing world. On 13th July 2019, digital classrooms were inaugurated in the presence of Mr. Ravindra More, Founder of Ashwini More Charitable Trust. During the event where the Smart TV’s were donated to the school, Chaus dictionaries were also donated to all the classes and students who performed exceptionally well in the SSC board exams were awarded cash prizes and felicitated with mementos by the Trust.

SSC Exam Guidance [ 7-1-2017 ]


Many times students of Xth standard are good in their academics. However as most of them are not well versed with paper writing skills, they score lower marks in their final and decisive exams. This kind of initiatives will uplift student’s confidence to achieve desired success.

Uniform Distribution[ 19-7-2016 ]

 It is one of our main motives to bring down the financial burden on parents of these students

It is with the motive to extend a helping hand to the needy students who are economically weak.

SSC Exam Guidance [ 10-1-2016 ]

Here, the SSC students need to be made awareon how to complete the exam papers in optimum time with less or zero mistakes. We organized two days’ workshop for these students which was conducted by the subject experts and these experts were none other than our ex-students.

Merely working hard on academic syllabus will not guarantee a high percentage in the SSC final exam.